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Two Reasons Why You Should Use A Dark Spot Correcting Serum

by Gilan MODOE |

Dark spots appear on the skin due to a lot of factors: sun, acne, burns, and other skin blemishes. Sun and acne are the major culprits of dark spot. The accumulation of sunlight results in age spot (tiny black spots that form on the surface of the skin). And the post acne spots are always visible and take away...

What You Should Know About Exfoliating Soaps

by Gilan MODOE |

The skin, which is the largest organ in the body, is divided into three parts: the epidermis, dermis, and the subcutis (fat layer). The skin cells form right from the dermis and find their way to the epidermis where they replace the old, dull-looking cells on the epidermis. On the epidermis is a layer called the honey layer (Keratin)....

3 Important Things You Should Consider Before Choosing Your Brightening Body Lotion.

by Gilan MODOE |

Lotions are the most common skin care products we have on the market today. Lotions are formulated with different ingredients for various purposes. The truth is: before you can have a radiant, glowing skin, your skin care routine needs to be impeccable. While most skin brightening lotions are created to brighten your skin, the formulations are entirely different from...

The Best Brightening Face Cream For Dark and Mixed Skin

by Gilan MODOE |

Are you a black American or an African that is considering pampering your skin with the best skin care products? Do you want to avoid covering your face with makeups and concealers anytime you want to step out? Are you considering brightening your skin with no adverse result? Then you need to read this. There are thousands of skin care...

What Are the Health Benefits of Rhus Coriaria?

by Gilan MODOE |

Rhus coriaria is also known as sumac or sumach. You consume the purplish-red fruits, which usually are sold dried and ground. You’ll find it as a supplement in tablet or capsule form. The theoretical health benefits from Rhus coriaria are as an antioxidant, antifungal agent and antimicrobial agent. Always consult a health-care provider before trying a new health supplement.

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