Lotions are the most common skin care products we have on the market today. Lotions are formulated with different ingredients for various purposes.

The truth is: before you can have a radiant, glowing skin, your skin care routine needs to be impeccable. While most skin brightening lotions are created to brighten your skin, the formulations are entirely different from one another.

  • Free From Harmful Ingredients - Hydroquinone is the most common skin brightening ingredients in most of the lotions on the market.

Although hydroquinone works to brighten the skin and remove blemishes, however, its use globally has led to safety concerns regarding the formulations.

According to the campaign for safe cosmetics, hydroquinone may increase melanoma due to the exposure to the sun rays. And too much use of hydroquinone may worsen the problem you were trying to avoid in the first place.

Also, it's not only hydroquinone you should avoid totally. Skin irritants and comedogenic ingredients are also no-no for you.

Other examples of skin irritants are artificial colors and fragrances. You don't want to develop some skin blemishes when you apply your lotion on your skin. Do you?

  • Moisturizes - Although you might be picking up a bottle of skin brightening lotion to fade your skin blemishes or to just give your skin the brightness you want. It is also expedient that your choice lotion helps your skin to retain the needed moisture.

Without moisture, your skin will age quickly. That is when you'll notice some fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Lack of moisture will also make your skin to be dull and rough. In severe cases, your skin may crack.

But with a potent skin brightening lotion, you'll achieve a flawless and well-moisturized skin.

  • Make You Glow - It is not enough to have a bright skin. Your brightening lotion needs to make your skin supple and glow. Your lotion must contain the necessary active ingredients that will bring out the youthfulness in your skin.