Are you a black American or an African that is considering pampering your skin with the best skin care products? Do you want to avoid covering your face with makeups and concealers anytime you want to step out? Are you considering brightening your skin with no adverse result? Then you need to read this.

There are thousands of skin care products, especially face creams, that claim to enhance your skin texture, make you feel refreshed, brighten your skin, take away your skin blemishes, and so many others. But the most important points you should consider before spending a dime on your face cream are discussed below:

4 Features You Should Consider Before Choosing Your Face Cream

  1. Delicate and Non-Irritating - As you already know that the skin on the face is thin, tender, and delicate. The last thing you want to do is to apply a harsh, skin-irritating facial cream on it.

Many of the face cream in the market contain artificial fragrance, artificial colors, and other skin irritants that can cause crow’s feet, fine lines, and even burn the skin - not to talk of the tingling and harsh feelings you tend to experience when you apply these irritant-laden face creams.

  1. Moisturize - A great face cream should make your face super soft and supple, and help your skin retain the needed moisture.

When your facial skin is well moisturized, it will help your skin to slow down on aging, preventing all aging signs like wrinkles and free radicals. It will also make your skin to glow ad every form of cracks and dry skin are eliminated.

  1. UV Protection - Your face is usually exposed to the sun. A great face cream should contain the needed sunscreen protection that will prevent your face from first-degree and second-degree burn.
  1. Remove Facial Blemish - A good face cream should be able to remove your uneven skin tone, eliminate acne scars, remove dark circles, and other blemishes.

Introducing Miss In Paris Premium+ Intense Brightening Face Cream

The Intense Brightening Face Cream is all your face needs to become moisturized, glow, supple while eliminating your facial blemishes.

Designed with the best herbal extracts and natural ingredients, this facial cream will:

  • Eliminate your dark circles, acne, freckles, and other signs of aging.
  • Shield your face from the harmful UVA responsible for melanoma (skin cancer) and the UVB that causes skin burn.
  • Make your face super soft, supple, and radiating.

Miss In Paris Premium+ Intense Brightening Face Cream is a product from the Herbabright Formulation that is designed to add life and brightness to all dark skin.

This formulation is designed for all skin type: dry, oily, normal, and sensitive skin. We carefully formulated this face cream with ingredients that are not comedogenic, which means that you won’t ever experience any breakout when using this face cream.

Imagine doing away with makeups and flaunting your natural ways every time. Think about the way you’ll feel when friends and family members begin to appreciate your flawless face. This and much more are the benefits of using The Intense Brightening Face Cream.

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