Dark spots appear on the skin due to a lot of factors: sun, acne, burns, and other skin blemishes

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Sun and acne are the major culprits for dark spots. The accumulation of sunlight results in age spots (tiny black spots that form on the surface of the skin). And the post acne spots are always visible and take away the flawlessness of your skin.

Those freckles that were considered adorable when we were young will immediately turn into a major sign of aging. While you can hide under the umbrella of makeup and concealers, your best option is to remove them directly.

As you already know, nothing beats the feeling of having a clear, blemish-free skin; you’ll be able to wear your choice clothes, go out without applying makeup, and above all, win a lot of praises from friends and families…even from people you don’t know.

While it is true that you can erase your dark spots by applying to your skin brightening lotions or creams, We’d advise you to lay your hands on a more powerful alternative for your dark spots.

So, quickly, we’ll consider the reasons why you need a good Dark Spot Correcting Serum for your age spots and dark spots.

Why You Should Use A Miss In Paris Premium+ Intensive Dark Spot Correcting Serum

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  • Molecular Size – Serums are usually lighter than both creams and lotions. What makes serum a perfect choice for you is that your every application will find its way into your dermis quickly. Serums have a lighter carrier that will quickly transport the dark spot cleansing ingredients through your pores.

What this means is that you can begin to see your dark spot fade off within few days unlike when you use your lotion and cream.

Don’t get it wrong, however, the use of a lotion loaded with dark spot removers can also work effectively. But serums provide an impeccable result you can’t afford to miss.

  • Non-Comedogenic – – There is a high probability that your dark spot is a result of acne scars. As you already know, acne affects over 80% of people from as early as 15 to 50 years old, the last thing you want is to further aggravate any acne problem.

If you opt for a dark spot lotion or cream remover, it is likely that the formulation contains a comedogenic oil or butter like cocoa butter. Using a comedogenic product can lead to more breakouts which, invariably, will cause more dark spots.

However, dark Spot Correcting Serums are usually free from comedogenic ingredients plus they don’t leave an oily feeling on your skin.