All our product formulas are developed In France, the country know for its expertise in skincare

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SELECTED Miss In Paris Lightening Body Lotion
SELECTED Miss In Paris Lightening Body Lotion

Miss In Paris Lightening Body Lotion




Miss in Paris Lightening Body Milk’s exquisite, dermatologically tested formula, rehydrates your skin. Enriched with pure Shea Butter, dark marks and discoloration fade away. Miss in Paris Lightening Body Milk brightens and evens skin tone, letting you proudly show off your more youthful, beautiful, face and body every day!

Applying two to three times a day, as part of your daily cleansing routine, focus on areas affected by hyper-pigmentation.

  1. Pour lotion directly in center of palm.
  2. Massage in small clockwise motions delicately adding pressure.
  3. Apply using index finger until completely absorbed.


The active used in the lotion is an innovative whitener active complex based on  Rhus coriaria, a natural Meditteranean born plant rich in antioxidants.
The sicilian sumac (Rhus coriaria L.) is a decidouos shrub that reaches the size of a small tree.
Its pinnate leaves are 10-12 cm of lenght, and the flowers are yellow-green, corn shaped. It blooms from May to August. The drupes are brownish.
It's a specimen that grows especially in the southern Europe, in Italy commonly is found in Sicily where it grows at an altitude between 0 m and 1000 m.

Caution: Avoid direct contact with eyes; in case of contact, wash immediately with fresh water.